Massage & SPAServices

​​​​​​​​​Bella Vita

Bella Vita Massage and Spa services really isn't about's about you.

Our focus is central on your feeling, what you're feeling, what's hurting, how you're sleeping...and most of all, on how you live.

Our appointments are never rushed and are always a full 60 or 90 minutes of treatment focused on you. You're never rushed and times are never booked back to back. We always allow time outside of your treatment period for pre and post planning and reflection.

Jacqueline Frame began her career in treating others as a nurse with a focus on holistic care and advanced acute care. But her passion for others was often limited by how little time she was allotted to actually spend helping her patients. To that end Bella Vita is committed to always putting the you first with a customer tailored massage, all natural and encompassing sensory therapy, from the comfort of your home or our local studio.


With Bella Vita, you will Live Beautifully.

Healing. Wellness. Health. Beautiful Living.