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She attended A New Beginnings School of Massage where she was taught by many long time and well-seasoned Licensed Massage Therapists.  There she learned many modalities, even taking extra courses to improve her abilities.  She received strong, positive feedback from the very start of her education.

Her clients and classmates raved about her skills, technique, and caring nature.  Jacqueline’s education did not end upon graduation as she continues to take courses to expand her knowledge. Her focus is centered around allowing her clients to feel the amazing healing abilities that massage has. She continues her journey bringing the wisdom and knowledge of a nurse into her hands as a healer. 

Your Therapist Jacque

​​​​​​​​​Bella Vita

​​​​Jacqueline Frame began her career caring for others as a nurse.  She focused on the holistic aspect of nursing in senior living facilities and an advanced acute care hospital. But her passion for helping others heal was often limited by how little time she was allotted to actually spend with her patients. Limited time meant that touch and care were replaced by medications and procedures. Healing gave way to short term temporary fixes.  This set in motion her journey to healing through massage therapy.